I GET IT . . . . You're working hard on your marketing but not seeing that steady flow of new patients, and you don't know why

It doesn't have to feel so disheartening or frustrating, you just need a new approach.

There are all sorts of simple little things that can clog up your marketing system and restrict the flow of new patients into your practice. 
With just a few small tweaks you could start to see a big difference.

This is where my Marketing Detox can really help you.

In 5 simple self-study modules, I'm going to teach you 5 different ways you can detox your existing marketing.

You'll soon understand why your current marketing isn't working and know what to do to get it working more effectively for you.

It's worked for over 200 other healthcare practitioners, so I'm sure it can work for you too.

YOU DON'T NEED TO START FROM SCRATCH . . . Learn how to refresh your existing marketing & get it working to attract more of your dream patients

Apply what you'll learn, attract just one new dream patient & you'll cover your cost. Then one becomes 10 and this becomes the best £19 you've ever spent on your marketing 😁

Self-study Program



  • Unblock your flow of new patients
  • Understand why your marketing isn't working
  • Create clear action steps to upgrade your marketing
  • 5 video based modules
  • Audio , transcriptions & subtitled videos
  • Study at your own speed in your own time
  • Available 24/7 via our website or mobile app
  • Q&A facilities built into each module.
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"It will absolutely laser focus your marketing . . . "

Hear how one Marketing Detoxer felt the program helped improve her marketing


A simple 5 day program to stream line your existing marketing



Together we are going to find, attract and book more of your dream patients into your practice, by making some simple tweaks to your existing marketing.

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