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If you've fallen out of love with your practice, if you're feeling isolated, unhappy & stuck and are struggling to create a practice that makes you happy . . .



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The Sombrero Club - Just What You Need

A Real Community

Being in practice can be very lonely & feeling isolated is horrid. Inside the Club we have a community of fantastically positive practitioners, supporting & championing each other to greatness.

Money Saving Convenience

Expert training (to reduce your Googling) every week & support almost 24/7 - CPD straight to your door, no traveling or time away from home & help in your pocket via our Facebook group.

Everything on Your Terms

You can dip in & dip out of the group, no one will judge. You can join us for the buzz & fun of our live calls or, with all of the resources downloadable, you can learn alone while you walk the dog, run 10K or burn the midnight oil.

Open 24/7

Because all of the Club content is stored on our members website you can access the videos, audio files, notes, workbooks or tick sheets 24/7. And with our community hosted on Facebook those doors are open 24/7 too. 

Reduced to a Minimum

Time is precious so all of our live training, Facebook lives and 1 to 1 Hot Seat sessions are based on the input of our members. So you are just learning topical, current & in demand skills & know-how. No fluff or flannel.

Shifting Mindsets

Marketing tips and tricks on their own won't get you the different results you want. Different results require a shift in beliefs, thinking & habits. So in the Club we dive deep into personal development too.

Your Membership Package

Your Sombrero Club membership is so much more than a list of features & resources, but I get that you want to know this stuff too.

Monthly Membership




  • A thriving community of positive supportive healthcare professionals
  • Live training webinars 12 x a year
  • Weekly Facebook live training  with Q&A
  • 1 to 1 Hot Seat sessions 12 x a year
  • All resources downloadable & available 24/7
  • Immediate access to the full back catalogue of resources
  • Private Club Facebook Group
  • Continuous lifetime membership guaranteed at £29 pcm
  • Cancel at any time - no questions asked
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Annual Membership



SAVE 20%
with annual membership

  • A thriving community of positive supportive healthcare professionals
  • Live training webinars 12 x a year
  • Weekly Facebook live training  with Q&A
  • 1 to 1 Hot Seat coaching 12 x a year
  • All resources downloadable & available 24/7
  • Immediate access to the full back catalogue of resources
  • Private Club Facebook Group
  • One invoice for easy accounting
  • Continuous lifetime membership guaranteed at £278 pa
  • Easy cancelation at renewal - no questions asked
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Our Existing Members Love it !

We have retained 94% of our first intake of members beyond the 3 year mark which is amazing. The Sombreroers tell us they are proud to be part of such a great group of people. Here's what some of them have to say . . . . (hover over them to pause the scroll.)

"Jill demystifies the world of online and offline marketing, whether you are a complete beginner, or need some high level tips and hacks. The Sombrero Club will help you to get the best for your business through Social Media, the best for your patients/clients through small monthly "upgrades", and the best for yourself with personal development tricks that make you a little bit better every day. The community and sharing in the group provides huge value, way beyond the subscription fee."

Damien Gough
Umina Podiatry, NSW

"I would highly recommend joining the Sombrero Club. Being a member has provided me with so much knowledge and support. As a Speech and Language Therapist totally new to private practice, I was so fortunate to be introduced to the Sombrero Club. There are many people within the group with much more experience than me but they are so happy to share their wisdom, knowledge and experience. I have learned so much and know that I am in the right place to continue to grow and develop alongside some hugely motivated colleagues. We are a diverse bunch and have much fun which is what makes the Club such a great place to learn and be! "

Ruth Freeman
The Freeman Speech Practice, UK

"Since joining the Sombrero Club I have found a community of like minded healthcare professionals that share my values and ideals. Jill offers excellent tips and advice for general marketing and also personal development. The monthly upgrade really help to inspire you to start the month off right. The group itself is a hive of information, ideas and advice that you would be hard pushed to find anywhere else. Not to mention the moral support. Best investment I’ve made for my business, and myself. "

Catherine Fletcher-Liddell
CF Foot Clinic, UK

"Stuck not knowing where to start with your marketing to attract the patients you love to see? Let Jill Woods nurture and guide you step by gentle step, into a modern day marketing mindset. Not just tactics and short term tricks, but a belief in yourself that will empower your future. She did it for me, why not let the Sombreo Club be the start of your journey?"

Dianne Ashcroft
Lane Ends Podiatry, UK

"When I joined the Sombrero Club I knew diddley squat about marketing. The club has provided a wealth of ideas, advice, encouragement and strategies to get my marketing game on track. Jill has a way of delivering her wisdom in a jargon free, enthusiastic and user friendly manner. She is just lovely and very approachable. The group is full of encouragement and help. Really good value for money I would highly recommend it."

Louise Reaney
Owner Louise Reaney Podiatry, UK

Come & Join Our Brilliant Community of Proactive Healthcare Practitioners

Giving as We are Growing

I'm a big believer in businesses with purpose, creating wider impact & leaving a legacy.

Since 1999 I've had a strong connection with Lalgadh Leprosy hospital in southern Nepal, when I first went to there to provide wound care mentoring for the local Nepali staff.

Lalgadh is a place where people living with the stigma & often deformity of leprosy, are treated with dignity and genuine care by the wonderful clinical staff who work in often difficult & austere conditions.

Ever since my first visit there, I have been promoting the brilliant work they do, and trying to raise the profile of the suffering of 100's of 1,000's of leprosy patients around the world.

On behalf of the members of the Sombrero Club we donate every 15th members membership fee, to help support the work of the health professionals and the care of the patients at Lalgadh.

The more we grow, the more we give to support fellow health professionals & some of the poorest patients in the world.


So Much More than a Marketing Programme

"'So much more than a marketing programme’ - setting up your practice & wondering where your next client is coming from can be worrying, frustrating & time consuming... you don’t have to do this alone - join Jill and her amazing Sombrero community and you will be supported and guided in building the practice you and your clients both love to be in! With masses of fun, enthusiasm and expertise, this is the best investment for building your healthcare business. "

Katy Henry
Acupuncturist, mentor, natural healthcare centre owner, UK

I Know You've Got Questions . . . .

Who is the Club for?

I am not the best marketing coach, and this Club is not the perfect environment for every practitioner in business. I specialise in supporting small healthcare practices who are ambitious to excel BUT stay fairly small. Practitioners who want to stay hands on with their patients and build a highly profitable, happy practice. If that's you then you are in the right place.

What if I'm busy and can't make the live meetings or a Facebook live?

No sweat. Every live session is recorded on Facebook or the website & you can access the recordings 24/7 so you can catch up in your own time.

I'm a total newbie & I'm worried everyone else will be better than me!

Chill - firstly the whole reason you're here is to learn and don't forget we all started from zero. Secondly the group is so friendly & supportive that members are very happy to reach down & give new members a hand up. Enjoy the shortcuts of learning from their experience.

How much time will I need to dedicate to learning all of the new stuff?

2 hours 20 minutes min a month - Our live meetings are once a month & last about an hour and our Facebook lives are every week & last about 20 minutes. After that it is up to you how much time you give to being part of our community & applying what you have learnt into your practice.

I'm super busy & not sure I'd be able to find time for the Club!?

Then please don't join. I don't want you wasting your money. BUT remember this new world of marketing is not going away. If you're serious about building a business that you love & that serves you, you're going to have to make the time at some point to learn this stuff. The sooner you start the sooner you see the results.

What if I decide the Club isn't for me?

No worries at all. If you're a monthly member you can cancel at any time. If you're an annual member you can cancel at renewal. NO QUESTIONS ASKED !

Why the heck is it called the Sombrero Club?

Because in my first ever webinar I talked about the importance of identifying your dream patient. I used Irene, a sombrero wearing lady, totally mad on everything Spanish as an extreme example to demonstrate the points I needed to make. The idea of the sombrero wearing lady stuck - hence The Sombrero Club !

Come & Join Us

Wave goodbye to your professional isolation & business frustrations, and say hello to the Sombrero Club and this bunch of slightly crazy but lovely healthcare practice owners !