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Is this you?

  • You're frustrated that your practice and your patients are running you rather than the other way round 
  • You're overwhelmed by marketing and finding it too complicated
  • You're annoyed with yourself because you keep getting in your own way by procrastinating or sabotaging your own work
  • You feel lonely & isolated in a world full of practices who look to really have their shizzle together
  • You feel stuck on a fast spin cycle with not enough hours in the day to get things done
  • You've fallen out of love with your practice even though you love being a practitioner and aren't sure if you want to stick it out
  • You're fed up that your business is not rewarding you in the way you hoped it would

And to cap it all marketing is moving so fast that just as you think you've cracked it a new Internet development comes along and has you feeling left behind again.

I know just how deflating and frustrating that feels, but instead I want you to . . . .

Imagine a steady stream of dream patients coming to your practice

People you can serve brilliantly and who really love how you help them, so rebooking to come back to see you, is a no brainer for them.

Imagine creating a fan base of patients all raving about you and your practice

They'll become your marketing team telling their family and friends about how you helped them and improved their life.

Imagine having a practice that serves you as well as your patients

Instead of just about making your cashflow every week and worrying about paying the bills, you'll be in profit and stressing less.

Now imagine you've got the tools, knowledge, inspiration and great support to help you achieve all of this - all in one place

Introducing the Practice Momentum Thrivers Club

A community experience for health professionals with the marketing tools and resources, inspiration, friendship and accountability to help you develop your healthcare marketing and grow your practice.

Wave goodbye to your professional isolation & business frustrations, and say hello to the Thrivers Club and our community of wonderful members!

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No more isolation

I know being in practice can be very lonely. Inside the Club we have a wonderful community of positive optimistic practitioners, supporting & championing each other to greatness. It's more like a big family.

A different way of thinking

To get different results you need to take different actions. To do that you need to think differently. We work hard on your thinking because it's so important. You won't get that in many other marketing programs.

A simple system to follow

Scattergun marketing does not work. You need a system. Inside the Club, we are going to take you step by step through a simple process to create your own marketing system and move you into practice momentum.

No Crap !

Excuse my language but so many marketing coaches promise you the latest, fastest, secret way to hack your practice. Some of it works but lots of it doesn't. Over the last 10 years I've weeded out the crap so you don't have to.

Learning on your terms

We all live differently and we all learn differently. With all of our Club resources broken down into video, audio, written and practical how to's and all available 24/7, the Club delivers learning on your terms.

Ridiculous value for money

What's the average lifetime value of each new patient? £100's (or $100's) at a guess. Attract just two new average patients a year with what you learn inside the Club and you've covered your annual membership easily.

Our Existing Members Love it!

The fact that 84% of our first intake of members are still with us 4 years on tells a story, when the average online membership loyalty is 4 months! Here's what some of them have to say about being a member.

Alison Pettican

Laura Williams

Damian Gough

Sounds great - BUT who's behind this?

Hi there! I'm Jill Woods, a qualified podiatrist and trainer, an experienced marketer and an ex practice owner (so I've been in your shoes) and the person behind Practice Momentum and the Thrivers Club.

I've been working for ten years now helping small local healthcare practices get clear on their vision, understand marketing better and use both to build happy thriving practices that serve them as well as their patients.

So I understand the struggles and frustrations of being in private practice and that is why I developed the Thrivers Club and why I know if you are feeling stuck, joining us is going to get you moving.

So What's the Big Idea?

Well, it's pretty simple.
I believe too many healthcare practitioners are unhappy in their business because:

  1. They feel overwhelmed
  2. They feel unfulfilled
  3. They feel professionally isolated

Inside the Club we cut out the crap and give you just what you need to get clear on what you want to create, get the right marketing system in place, and take time to reflect and learn as you go so you are always making informed decisions. Then with the amazing community of Thrivers by your side for encouragement and accountability, you are up and running, saving you time, money & energy figuring all this out and giving you the momentum you want.

That's it - Simple


Wondering What's Included?


  • Our brand new 24 week Stepping Stone Program - giving you the essentials of mindset & marketing
  • Monthly virtual training and Q&A club meetings
  • Monthly marketing and mindset challenges for motivation & accountability
  • Facebook live coaching every week
  • Our Strong Friends scheme for support and accountability
  • Our exclusive marketing Skill Bank where you can learn the answers to your "How do I . . . ?" questions
  • And most importantly connection and support from each other in our Facebook group!

How Could it Work For You ?

  • You can access the training live or via the recordings
  • You can access the content 24/7 via the website, mobile app or the Facebook group
  • You can vote on what subjects we cover each month so you learn the right things at the right time
  • You spend as much or as little time as you want working through and applying what you learn - remembering that you'll get out what you put in
  • You can pitch into the Facebook group or sit on the sidelines, watch and learn from others
  • You can ask the Practice Momentum team your practice specific marketing questions or you can do it all self study
  • You can even include a limited access membership for other members of your team (extra charge)

How it works for you, is entirely up to you 😁

YOUR VIP BONUS PACKAGE (Worth up to £377)

If you join our VIP list for membership you'll get a doors open notification before everyone else, and with limited places, that's a good thing! Then if you choose to join the Thrivers Club you'll receive up to £377 worth of bonuses too.

VIP Priority Membership

New membership places inside the Thrivers Club are limited to 100. As a VIP list member, you will be able to join the Club one day ahead of everyone else so you can secure your place in the Club.

Discounted Membership Rate

We want to work with committed practitioners happy to do what it takes to build their dream practice. Joining our VIP list and then the Thrivers Club shows your commitment and we want to reward that with up to £190 discount.

3 Part Google My Business Workshops

Your Google My Business profile is a powerful marketing tool, but only if you know how to use it effectively. You'll get the opportunity to attend Jill's 3 x 1 hour Google My Business workshops to get yours humming. (save £147)

A Website Home Page Audit

You only get one chance to make a first impression with your website homepage. Jill will audit your own home page and give you an outline of what needs to be done to get it working more effectively for you. (£40 value)

Answers to Your Questions

Because I know you've got questions . . . .

Marketing is a huge subject so we break it down and cover it in a lot of detail.

Our self study modules and live sessions can range from setting up and optimising your YouTube channel through to establishing a local referrers network, how to best deal with a telephone enquiry, using social media understanding your dream patient and developing a service to wow them.

Digital marketing, offline marketing, internal and external marketing, we cover it all.

And because none of that works if your beliefs and mindset are not in the right place we spend time working on personal development too.

This Club is not the perfect environment, and I am not the perfect coach for every health  practitioner in business. I specialise in supporting small healthcare practices who are ambitious to excel BUT stay fairly small (1 or 2 clinics). Practitioners who want to stay hands on with their patients (some of the time) and build a highly profitable, happy practice with them at the heart of it. If that's you then you are in the right place.

Let's be frank - "I don't have time" does not cut the mustard here. What you get in life comes down to what you make time for. If you want it or it's important enough you'll make the time.
We use the tree through your roof analogy. If a tree came through your roof would you find the time to call your insurer, get hold of a roofer to set up a tarp, and reclaim all you could out of the affected rooms? Of course you would!
As you go forward I'd like you to keep that in mind.

So inside the Club:
We have a 24-week Stepping Stone program
to kickstart your time inside the club. It's pre-recorded lessons are delivered once a month in batches of 3 or 4 to your inbox. Each lesson runs from 10 to 20 minutes and you'll need implementation time too to put into action the things you've learnt.

After that, we have 2 hours 20 minutes of live learning a month - Our live meetings are once a month & last about an hour and our Facebook lives are every week & last about 20 minutes.

After that, it is up to you how much time you give to being part of our community, learning from our catalogue of resources, and applying what you have learnt into your practice.

Then please don't join.

I don't want you wasting your money. BUT remember this new world of marketing is not going away. If you're feeling left behind and overwhelmed but serious about building a business that you love and that serves you, you're going to have to make the time at some point to learn this stuff.
(remember the tree through your roof!)

The sooner you start, the sooner you'll see the results.

No sweat. Every live session is recorded & you can access the recordings 24/7 so you can catch up in your own time.

Chill - firstly the whole reason you're here is to learn, and don't forget we all started from zero.

Secondly, the group is so friendly & supportive that members are very happy to reach down & give new members a hand up. Enjoy the shortcut of learning from their experience.

Be open to learning and you will get a lot from this experience.

No worries at all. You can cancel at any time before your next renewal (monthly or annually). NO QUESTIONS ASKED Just send us an e-mail & we'll do the rest.

It's so much more than a marketing programme !

"So much more than a marketing programme - setting up your practice & wondering where your next client is coming from can be worrying, frustrating & time consuming... you don’t have to do this alone - join Jill and her amazing community and you will be supported and guided in building the practice you and your clients both love to be in! With masses of fun, enthusiasm and expertise, this is the best investment for building your healthcare business. "

Katy Henry
Acupuncturist, mentor, natural healthcare centre owner, UK

Giving as We are Growing

I'm a big believer in businesses with purpose, creating wider impact & leaving a legacy.

Since 1999 I've had a strong connection with Lalgadh Leprosy hospital in southern Nepal, when I went there to provide wound care mentoring for the local Nepali staff. Since that first visit I've spent many months there over the years in the company of the amazing health professionals and inspiring patients.

Lalgadh is a place where people living with the stigma & often deformity of leprosy, are treated with dignity and genuine care by the wonderful clinical staff who work in often difficult & austere conditions.

On behalf of the members of the Thrivers Club, we donate 10% of membership fees, to help support the work of the health professionals and the care of the patients at Lalgadh.

The more we grow, the more we give to support fellow health professionals & some of the poorest, most vulnerable patients in the world.

With the support from the Practice Momentum Thrivers Club we are all changing lives we can't even see ♥️

Your Special VIP List Membership Package

Your Thrivers Club membership is so much more than a list of features & resources, but I get that you want to know this stuff too. If you register before we open the doors you will be able to access 2 great offers:

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  • A thriving community of positive supportive healthcare professionals
  • Exclusive access to our self study Time to Thrive program 
  • Monthly club meeting for personal Q&A and training by request
  • Weekly Facebook live training with Q&A
  • All resources available 24/7 via website or mobile app
  • Immediate access to the full back catalogue of resources
  • Private Club community group
  • Full VIP Bonuses package
  • £10 monthly saving on our £57 non VIP 2021 membership
  • Easy Cancellation - Cancel at any time no questions asked
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Annual Membership


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  • A thriving community of positive supportive healthcare professionals
  • Exclusive access to our self study Time to Thrive program
  • Monthly Club meeting for personal Q&A and training by request
  • Weekly Facebook live training  with Q&A
  • All resources available 24/7 via website or mobile app
  • Immediate access to the full back catalogue of resources
  • Private Club community group
  • Full VIP Bonuses package
  • Save 30% - Discounted 2021 pricing with continuous lifetime membership guaranteed at £479 per year
  • No fuss once yearly billing & auto-renewal
  • Easy Cancellation - Cancel at renewal no questions asked
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I love the Thrivers Club, BUT please don't take my word for it

Here's what more members say about their Thrivers Club experience

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