Zero to Hero Campaign Builder

Many healthcare practices have a steady trickle of new patients coming through the door, because they are putting out general marketing activity at fairly regular intervals.

This is great right up to the point you need to fill the books of a new clinician, or you need to create demand for a new service you are starting to offer PDQ. This is when you need a wave of new patients, not a steady trickle.

To get a wave of new patients you need to run a marketing campaign. A short period of intense marketing activity focussed at one very clear group of patients.

Zero to Hero Campaign Builder is going to take you from zero understanding, through to having your first marketing campaign all planned out and ready to roll out.
So if you are in need of a wave of new patients in your practice, this programme is for you.

I want to warn you though, there is no magic pill or easy peasy secret. Marketing campaigns take lots of hard work, but what I've done with this programme is taken out all of the hard figuring it out phase.

Take yourself week by week through the easy to follow 6 modules and at the end (if you put in the work) you will have yourself a great campaign plan ready to implement & attract you a wave of new patients.


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