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If you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed or you just don't know where to start with your practice marketing, our Practice Momentum Academy with it's free and exclusive bundle of training and downloads as well as our supportive community of health professionals, will help you build the strong foundation you need !

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Too many healthcare practices are using the fire and pray approach to their marketing.

They keep firing out add hock marketing tactics with no consistency and praying that something will work.

The really sad part is that so many practices keep doing that over and over again hoping that they will start to get better results.

If you want to start seeing different results you need to start doing things differently.

BUT how & what should you be doing?

Sign up once and inside the Practice Momentum Academy you are going to get access to all of our tried and tested free resources including our 12 module Foundation Stone program. You'll also become a member of our supportive Practice Momentum community. You'll be able to learn what marketing works for healthcare practices and be encouraged and motivated by your fellow members to dig deep, trust the process and start seeing better results in your practice.


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Your Free Academy Content Includes

Foundation Stones

Our NEW Practice Momentum Foundation Stones program. A 3 module 13 lesson self study program teaching you the 3 foundation stones every practice needs.

Attracting Dream Patients

Part of building a happy thriving practice involves selecting the people you want in it. This training pack will teach you how to attract more of your dream patients.

Quick Marketing

If you are telling yourself you don't have time for marketing, these 5 marketing tactics that can be implemented inside 15 minutes, will show you that you do!

Video Kit List

If you know you need to start but you're struggling with video marketing, this video kit list and top tips sheet will get you started.

Building Your Dream

If creating your dream practice feels a long way off, our 4 step checklists will help you start taking steps and seeing progress.

Create Your Plan

If your marketing is sporadic, it's not working. Our simple marketing plan guide will help you get consistent with your marketing.

We have an awesome community

Surrounding yourself with like minded, positive and forward looking practitioners is very powerful when a lot of the time you are working in isolation or part of a very small team.

On top of all of the great free resources inside the Academy we also have a very active private Facebook group where members can ask questions, share ideas and celebrate successes together.

So if you are feeling isolated in your practice this alone could be worth your time to sign up and join us.

Remember you sign up once and get access to all of our free foundation resources for life!

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Going to the next level

The Practice Momentum Academy is our level 1 support system for practitioners just getting to grips with their marketing and starting to creating that all important practice momentum.

But inside Practice Momentum we also have our Thrivers Club which provides our level 2 support for practitioners. An exclusive members only club where we dig deeper into the personal and business development it takes to really move your practice to the next level.

Finally we also provide level 3 support in the form of bespoke 1 to 1 coaching and done for you marketing solutions.

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The Thrivers Club

The place you need to be take you and your practice to the next level.

A membership group for practitioners in business looking for specialist help, support and friendship on the journey.

Stepping Stones Program

A 24 week intensive program designed to get you unstuck and into marketing momentum, attracting dream patients and selling new services.

Skills Lab

An ever growing bank of how to videos and resources on subjects ranging from optimising videos through graphic design, blogging to answering the telephone.

Support Community

Being around people who understand your world, are positive, forward looking and supportive is so important for your success. Our Thrivers community is just that place.

Find out More about Thrivers Club

Bespoke Support

We know self help or group coaching can only get you so far. Accessing bespoke support is the fastest and often most effective way of developing or scaling your practice. That's why we offer a small range of bespoke services.

Website Reviews

Do you have a website that isn't really working ?
Do you want to update it but don't know how ? You might not need to throw the whole thing out and start again. Often some very simple tweaks can get your website working much harder for you. I'll do a page by page review of your website and give you all the insight you need to have confident conversation with your web developer.

New Website Build

If your website is going to take too much work to renovate it's often easier, faster, cheeper and more effective to build a new site from scratch. Beautiful design is now not enough for your website to work hard. We understand digital marketing, we know the healthcare sector really well and we can build you a simple website that will attract and engage with your potential dream patients.

One to One Coaching

My package of 1 to 1 coaching options can be tailor made to meet your needs and really get you & your practice moving. One to one coaching is focussed entirely on you, your practice and the challenges you're currently facing, so the subjects we cover & the solutions we work on are tailored to you. There are packages for every budget.

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